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Panik is your own personal assault alarm for those situations where you need an extra lifeline! The tricks Panik has up its sleeve are intended to keep you as safe as possible.

The first and most obvious is a loud alarm sound paired with a blinking screen/LED. This will draw unwanted attention to your attacker, which might scare him or her away. It's also possible to enter a PIN to prevent the attacker from turning off the alarm. And to make it extra effective, the alarm will continue to sound even when the app goes into the background. If the attacker tries to lower the volume, the app will turn it up again automatically.

The second and perhaps most important feature in Panik is its social integration. Why not use your entire social network when you need it most? Chances are that at least one of your friends is nearby to help you out. Panik will keep track of your current position and broadcast it through social channels if you wish.

Panik offers a number of ways to tell your friends and loved ones that you need help. The most straightforward is SMS. Panik will send preconfigured messages to important persons you’ve selected with only one tap on the SMS dialog send button. In addition, Panik allows you to post tweets and status updates to Twitter and Facebook, with your preconfigured message and location automatically attached. To make it even more useful, you have the option of uploading videos (with sound) to Facebook when the alarm is activated, or when the attacker tries to lower the volume on the device. Not only can this come in handy as evidence, it can also make it clear to your Facebook friends that the situation is serious and you need help as quickly as possible.

Panik also offers some other features that might prove useful:

- SOS quick call button.
- LED flashlight, for finding your way in the dark or blinding your attacker.
- Activate alarm on shake, which means all you have to do if attacked is shake your phone to activate the alarm.

So why not be as prepared as possible? You never know when you might need it.